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Swimming Pool

Closed for the Season



The pool is closed for the season but will reopen in the spring of 2024.  Hours will be posted closer to the opening date of the pool.

Pool rules & regulations

Pool Rules:

  1. No pushing or dunking.

  2. No spitting or throwing of water.

  3. No running.


  5. No diving.

  6. No hanging on lifelines.

  7. No conduct detrimental to safety.

  8. Obey the lifeguards at all times.

  9. No unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards.


  1.  The lifeguards have complete control over all activities in the pool area, and their instructions must be obeyed.

  2. Unsafe behavior could result in the offender being asked to leave the pool area for the rest of the day. Pool privileges may be suspended for up to 48 hours by the lifeguards, and for longer periods by the pool manager or Board of Directors, for infractions of pool rules and/or regulations.

  3. Residents' must have their key to enter into the pool area and are required to sign in with the lifeguard are you enter the pool area. The front door should not be propped open - it needs to remain closed to ensure only individuals authorized to use the pool are doing so.

  4. Each household is permitted to bring up to 2 guests per day.

  5. Food is not permitted in or near the swimming pools. Trash must be disposed of in waste receptacles.

  6. Children not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper while in the pools. No plastic diapers are permitted in the pools.

  7. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older to enter the pool area.

  8. During regular pool hours, the pool will be cleared every hour for a 15-minute period. Adults 18 and over ONLY will be permitted to swim. An adult may take one non-swimming child 3 years or under into the water but must remain in DIRECT CONTACT with the child.

  9. Small floating toys, rafts, rings, tubes or boards are allowed in the shallow end of the pool if not detrimental to safety and may be prohibited at the discretion of the lifeguards. ANY INFANT, TODDLER OR CHILD UNABLE TO SWIM MUST BE IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH AN ADULT IN THE WATER WHEN USING FLOTATION DEVICES. Large rafts, boats, etc. are not allowed in the pool at any time. Hard balls, such has tennis balls, may not be brought into the pool area.

  10. Animals are not allowed in the pool area or to be left tethered unattended at any time.

  11. Proper swimming attire is required - swim suits only. No cutoffs may be worn into the pool.

  12. Foul, abusive or excessively loud language will not be permitted.

  13. All user of the pool shall be responsible for damage to property of the Association caused by their family and/or guest.

  14. Radios must be played so as not to be offensive to other. The lifeguards will determine acceptable volumes levels. Failure to comply will result in loss of playing privileges.

  15. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. are not allowed in the pool area. Roller blades must be removed before entering the pool area.

  16. No person having an infectious or communicable disease or open wound is permitted in the pool.

  17. Smoking and /or tobacco products are not permitted in the pool area.

  18. Gum in not permitted in the pool area.


  1. The baby pool is for use by children 7 years and under ONLY.

  2. NO LIFEGUARD is provided for the baby pool.


Adopted by the Tollgate Crossing Metropolitan Districts Board of Director.

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